The Weekend Meal

The Appetizer: The weekend of April 22, 2023 was pretty busy for Northeast Florida caving. The centerpiece was a River City Grotto trip to Briar Cave on Saturday, but there was a good bit of other activity going on around […]

A Beautiful Day at Tuck’s

As usual, I really want to thank everyone that made this trip happen. And, definitely thank the landowners that allowed us to enjoy a great day. This cave was new to me, as most of them in that particular area […]

The Power of One

This year was very busy. As a matter of fact, it was so busy that only one person traveled from Jacksonville for the Fall TAG Cave-in (6-9 Oct 2022). It may have been a lonely campsite, but others soon joined. […]

RCG Irregular’s visit Swamp Fox County

Francis Marion (1732-1795) is accredited with developing modern day gorilla style warfare and is thought of as the father of the U.S. Army Rangers. Francis Marion led irregular people on irregular missions, frustrating the British at the time. ‘The Swamp […]


River City Grotto has been very fortunate. We have stayed active during the Pandemic, but just low key. By reading the website articles you may notice we have no caves in Jacksonville. Every cave trip is a short road trip. […]

Fall TAG Pilgrimage

Cavers always look forward to the annual pilgrimage to the Fall TAG Cave-in. This event is held on the second weekend in October at Lookout Mountain GA, which lies on the edge of the Cumberland Plateau. The Cumberland Plateau has […]

A Trip to Jack’s Farm

One of the members of the River City Grotto is Jack Hart. Jack was heavily into cave exploration back in the 1950-1960s. Jack is also a big game hunter, Bee Keeper, Farmer, Former U.S Marine, Financial Planner, and intrepid story […]

Ocala’s Hidden Gem

The River City Grotto Gang was excited on April 17, 2021. After long anticipation of hearing about Ocala’s Hidden Gem of a cave, the day had finally arrived to explore it. If you are in the Florida caving community, you […]

Reconnecting with Tucks Cave

March 27, 2021 It’s always upsetting to lose something, such as: car keys, a wallet, or even reading glasses (for those old enough to use them). Well, we lost a cave. Technically, we still knew where it was but had […]

Ocala Caverns-A fond Memory of Days Gone By

Feb 06, 2021 After groggily awaking to the sound of pouring rain and 45 degree temperatures outside, it seemed like a good Saturday to just stay in bed. The morning hygiene ritual was conducted without much thought before moving on […]