The Power of One

The TAG fire all ready t go.

This year was very busy. As a matter of fact, it was so busy that only one person traveled from Jacksonville for the Fall TAG Cave-in (6-9 Oct 2022). It may have been a lonely campsite, but others soon joined. Glen Fell (from Atlanta) arrived early to set up the campsite. Ben Hart also came in from Savanna GA. Upon arrival Ben was invited to climb the Topless Dome inside of Tumbling Rock Cave. Ben had a few other Georgia Tech people arriving. I volunteered to take his people under wing, when they arrived, so he could go on a once in a lifetime trip of Topless Dome.

When the Georgia Tech folks arrived and set up camp we decided to do Hurricane Cave-it’s close-by, very pretty, and horizontal.

The entrance to Hurricane Cave is low phreatic stream passage
The stream is a good place for salamanders.
Exploring the waterfall room.
A few nice formations in Hurricane.
In the back there is nice walking passage.

Ben returned very late Friday evening, after an awesome trip to Tumbling Rock Cave. Ben was very tired from spending hours in a harness crawling in passages seldom seen above the giant domes in Tumbling Rock. The finishing repeal was a 400 foot drop from the Topless Dome.

After climbing hundreds of feet up to passage, who knew if would be filled with mud.
That is a narrow ledge with a long drop. I knew there was a reason why I didn’t go on this trip.
Ben roping in for the last drop.

The next day (Saturday), Ben took his group to Alabama Cave.

Glen took Phil and William to Anderson Springs Cave. As it turned out the hike to the cave was absolutely beautiful.

Witches Fingers.
An unusual formation in Anderson Springs Cave.

When is one manly: After exploring cave passages for a while, William wanted to take a break. His Dad asked if he was all right, which he replied that he had a tooth that was bothering him. William sat down on a rock, reached in with a glove-less hand and pulled out his tooth. He then ate a bite of his candy bar, took a swig of water, and was ready to go after securing his tooth for a possible future trip from the tooth fairy. If that is not a right to man hood I don’t know what is.

William after yanking his tooth out.
Glen’s photo of Phil in the entrance (or exit) of Anderson Springs Cave.

Saturday night is the big party. This years theme was the Rocky Horror. The raffle was done, the bonefire lit, and the band played til late. Once again-a special TAG.

Once again-A great time was had by all.

The raging fire burned through the night.
Illuminating cavers relaxing by the fire.

As many years as the Fall TAG Cave-in has been going, it just gets better every year. We ar already looking forward to next year. It doesn’t even matter if you go by your self, your going to meet friends and have a great time.