A Rescue at White Cliff Cave

Mike and Phil from River City Grotto (RCG) met up with Kat and Fletcher from the Florida Speleological Society (FSS) at the meeting place on Jan 16, 2021. We signed release waivers and went over a plan on arrival. There […]

A Trip To Remember

Three months prior to this trip, our September River City Grotto (RCG) meeting was held at Bold City Brewery. When our President, Mike Thomas, suggested having meetings at Bold City Brewery we thought we may get a few new folks […]

A Day At Jennings Cave

The afternoon of Saturday November 14th, 2020 was forecast to be beautiful. Members of River City Grotto were very excited, because we were going to Jennings Cave. Most everyone else was new to Single Rope Technique (SRT) and only one […]

Newbie Climb Day

November 5th was sunny with a slight chill in the air. River City Grotto used to do regular climb practices when Dave Obi was here. However, now we don’t get a chance to do them very often. The three very […]

A Visit to Hitch-Hiker Cave

River City Grotto Cavers were delighted on Saturday Sep, 26th, 2020. We had three brand new cavers and we were going explore Hitch-Hiker Cave. The first unexpected turn was they had logged some of the property, so the normal trail […]

A Little Caving Down South

The weather was forecast to be rainy and overcast on July 11, 2020, but it didn’t matter a bit to four motivated River City Grotto Members. We were out and headed underground! BACKGROUND:Carrie had talked with Lance Elder at some […]


Cavers from all over Florida were excited–calls were made, vehicles packed, plans were put into action, and anticipation was high. It was almost the first weekend in March and the Flint River Grotto was sponsoring the annual Florida Cave Crawl. […]


Florida Cavers always look forward to the annual Cave Cavort. This year River City Grotto hosted the Cavort right on Jerry’s Farm in Williston FL. The chances of rain were rapidly decreasing making the weather look very nice for the […]

Cavort Workday #3

With only two weeks to go before the Cave Cavort, folks rallied to get STUFF DONE. The day was cool and windy making it a good @*&! Busting Day. Groups were formed and the following things were completed: Bathhouse curtains […]


During the second week of the new year of 2017, I received a Call from Joe who wanted to do a little caving. We originally wanted to visit Warrens but it was a bit last minute to make plans. So […]