A Beautiful Day at Tuck’s

As usual, I really want to thank everyone that made this trip happen. And, definitely thank the landowners that allowed us to enjoy a great day.

This cave was new to me, as most of them in that particular area are. I thought it was an excellent cave. It was a shame we lost our battle with the lock on the pit. Unfortunately, the ‘pit-lock’ was attached to the bottom of the ‘pit-gate’. Over the last year or so, that lock corroded severely due to sitting in dirt, debris, and mud that had washed in. Opening this corroded chuck of rusted metal proved completely futile. However, from inside the cave, that drop looked fantastic. Oh well, next time.

My wife, who had very minimal caving experience beyond the level of Dames Caves, joined us. She found the trip a satisfying challenge. I’m an experienced caver and, also found this cave a satisfying challenge. Canyon-y bits let you play with route finding, while some side passages are squirmy hell. Oh heck, in addition to that, we’ll throw in a nice pit (which we only looked at from inside). This cave has some fantastic geology, a horse sized dog to greet you arrive, and a real horse to greet you when you came out of the cave. What more could you ask for–for one nice trip.

Hi Ho, Hi, Ho–off to the cave we go.
Scott enjoying his squirmy passage extradition.

Thanks again to all that made it happen!

Story by Scott Thompson with photo’s by Holly Thompson