Cavers from all over Florida were excited–calls were made, vehicles packed, plans were put into action, and anticipation was high. It was almost the first weekend in March and the Flint River Grotto was sponsoring the annual Florida Cave Crawl. Florida cavers always look forward to this event. However
Cave divers were really excited this year because this years event was going to be held at Mariana Blue Springs.
A few of us left on Thursday March 5th to bring equipment and help set up. It was very cold and windy (38 degrees F) upon arrival, but there were warm harts to greet us on arrival.

On Friday Flint River Grotto had everything covered. So, rather than get in the way we just went caving.

Three of us visited Climax Cave with the intention of exporing the big rooms. None of us had been there before so we rigged the drop. After we did the cave we realized we really didn’t need a rope, but it was fun anyway.

Rigging up the drop.
Down goes Steve.
View from the bottom

By Philip S. Walker