Cavort Workday #3

With only two weeks to go before the Cave Cavort, folks rallied to get STUFF DONE. The day was cool and windy making it a good @*&! Busting Day. Groups were formed and the following things were completed:

  • Bathhouse curtains hung, sink counter sanded and restored.
  • Fire wood collected.
  • Zip lines tightened with stop bungees replaced.
  • Camping field mowed and groomed.
  • Primary electrical system installed.
  • Put up the giant movie screen.

In spite of all the work being done we all managed to have a lot of fun. We were also graced with a visit by Buford Pruitt, who brought out a tent that he had purchased. Jerry cooked ribs to accompany pizza, which made an awesome lunch. Thanks to everyone for coming out and helping!

The crew: Jeremy A, Philip W, David S, Bill B (in back), Joe F, Aiden, Mike T (standing), Connie T, Carrie B, Dave O.

The turkeys arrive.

Bill and Dave cutting up some fire wood, which is also clearing the tree that fell on the fence.

Some say that Jeremy was framed.

Connie working the bath-house.

Aiden Blowing off some steam, or sand from the bath-house floor.

The restored bathroom counter.

Joe and Dave manning up at the fire pit.

Mike comes over to take care of the big stuff.

Aiden, Dave, and Joe attempting to run over the photographer.

Carrie giving that stubborn vine a run for its money. It looks like the vine is winning.

Super Dave recently rode a 375 mile off road bike race, went to a late night party, then got up the next day to come over and work hard. This man is a machine!

The Daves filling in a bit of the French drain trench, or maybe Dave is digging up a little dirt on Dave.

Connie having fun testing out the zip line!  Weeeeee!

Buford, Jerry, and Jeremy having a great time.

The memo must have said “wear blue today”.

Thanks to everyone for coming out!!!!!!! See you at the 2019 Cave Cavort!

Philip S. Walker