Attend a Meeting

Meetings are held on the third WEDNESDAY of each month, usually. Occasionally a meeting will be planned for an offsite venue, perhaps for a party or outing.

The meeting dates for this year are available on our calendar.

WHEN: BOARD starts at 6.30 pm, General Meeting about 7.00 pm

WHERE: Our meetings can be at various locations, including (4862 Big Island Drive, Jacksonville, FL 32246), Wicked Barley Brewing Company, or a member’s house. Please review the events calendar for details on each individual meeting.

The meetings normally start with a Board of Directors meeting, covering an update on the Grotto’s finances, membership and administration. After that the Grotto meeting focuses on educational and conservation topics, including:

  • Caving-related videos and discussion
  • Viewing pictures/videos from caving trips
  • Expedition reports
  • Rope clinics
  • Upcoming event planning
  • Cleanup/conservation discussions
  • Scientific talks on caving-related topics

Meetings are open to all members. Members are allowed to bring guests, however we request that after the first meeting the guests become members of the River City Grotto in order to be able to access the future meetings.

Agenda Requests

We want to make sure the Grotto meetings cover topics that are relevant to you. In order to do this we welcome topics and presentations from the members for our general Grotto meetings. We also encourage questions and discussion topics from the members to the Board during the Board meetings.

If you would like a particular topic discussed during the Grotto meetings, please let us know! You can do this either by emailing the secretary with your request.